AW60 Curtain Wall

Aluflam AW60 curtain wall are high performance, thermally broken narrow aluminium frames with its cavity filled with patented fire retardant cooling core. Incorporating extensively tested fire resistant glazing, the AW60 system can fire rating up to 120 minutes. AW60 can also be supplied as a non-fire rated façade .

Aluflam glass structures are extensively tested in Australia and throughout the world to the highest standards for fire resistance.


  • Clean, sharp lines of narrow stile aluminium
  • Large glass areas
  • Easily integrate AF70 of AF91 single or double doors
  • Can be install in masonry or plasterboard fire wall
  • Simple installation
  • High impact resistance
  • Energy efficient
  • Interior and exterior installation
  • Fire rating up to -/120/120
  • Manufactured in Australia


The revolutionary aluminium framing is 60x90mm high quality extruded profile that is filled with a patented insulating compound.

All gaps and edges are sealed with high temperature gaskets for fire, smoke and weather protection.

AW60 can be built-up along with non-fire rated systems.

Fire ratingNot rated-/60/30-/90/90-/120/30-/120/120
GlassAny single or IGUContraflam Lite 60 ClimaPlusContraflam 90 ClimaPlusContraflam Lite 120 ClimaPlusContraflam 120 ClimaPlus
Glass thickness6 – 38mm32mm58mm32mm72mm
Max overall size (w x h)Unlimited x 5,600mmUnlimited x 3,000mmUnlimited x 3,000mmUnlimited x 3,000mmUnlimited x 3,000mm
Max glass size (w x h)2,000 x 5,600mm1,200 x 3,000mm1,800 x 3,000mm1,400 x 3,000mm1,500 x 3,000mm
Sound reduction Rw38 (-2, -5) dB42 (-2, -6) dB38 (-2, -5) dB45 (-2, -6) dB
Light transmission66%60%66%57%
U value W/m³K1.
Glass weight46.0 kg/m²98.0 kg/m²46.0 kg/m²132.0 kg/m²
Butt joint glazing optionYes


A grade safety glass to AS1288 is used in all Aluflam glass structures. Multiple layers of specially toughened safety glass is laminated with intumescent gel that provides thermal protection.

For exterior installations a double glazed unit with 6mm toughed low-E glass is used to provide higher comfort levels and also protection of the intumecent gels from elevated temperatures.

The AW60 system can support larger glasses thickness including thriple glazed up to 90mm thick.

Refer to our Glass page for details.


Aluflam can supply a number of factory applied finishes including.

  • Anodising
  • Polyester power coating

Refer to our Metal Finishes page for details.

Sidelites and Transoms

The Aluflam AW60 Glass Partition framing systems can be framed in modular sections up to a maximum of 5.6m wide x 5.6m high. It is recommended to limit each frame construction to 3m wide x 3m high for ease of shipping, handling and installation.

Transoms can be incorporated into the frame to reduce the glass pane size.

Each frame system can be connected to itself to construct a larger wall construction. For large butt joint installations, the frame can be assembled during installation.


AF70 and AF91 single and double doors can be installed into an opening in an AW60 Glass Partition.


When installing in a masonry wall the opening needs to be 20-30mm wider and 20-30mm higher than the AW60 frame.

The gap between the AW60 frame and the masonry wall is to be fire stopped with mineral wool (100kg/m³) and silicone sealant.

Curtain wall installation brackets can be used instead of direct fixing throuhgh the frame.


As a fire door it must be inspected annually in accordance with AS1851 by a competent person checking the operation, tolerances, integrity of the glass and seals. Full details are in the standard