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About Aluflam Australia

Aluflam Australia is a family owned and operate business manufacturing high performance fire rated windows, doors, walls and skylights. Our systems are made from thermally broken aluminimum framing and fire rated glass. Aluflam Australia is part of the Aluflam Group who have pioneered fire rated systems using aluminium since the 1990s. We have supplied our systems into Australia since 2017. In 2020 we established our local manufacturing facility in Dandeong South, Victoria. We use state of the art machinery to fabricate our window and door frames that leave our factory fully assembled and ready for simple installation. Aluflam Australia manufactures and supplies to Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. See the videos below of how Aluflam companies manufacture throughout the world. A video of our Australian facility to follow soon. Please contact us should you be interested in learning more about our manufacture and to organise a factory visit.
Thermally Broken Aluminimum Framing

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