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Fire Rated Glazing

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Our systems are Australian Made with innovative aluminium framing providing fire ratings up to -/120/120.

We manufacture from our well equiped factory in Melbourne’s Dandenong South suppling to customers and resellers in Australia, New Zealand and South East Aisa.

Our resellers are more than happy to install and project manage to your requirements. Contact us for a reseller in your area or to become a reseller.

Evident Fire Protection

At Aluflam, we are experts in providing fire protection solutions in glass and aluminum construction systems. Through several years of continuous development, Aluflam have created quality products that meet both building standards as well as aesthetical requirements throughout the world. Our products are tested at leading fire institutes and we do not compromise on system quality. Aluflam delivers fire rated products from basement to roof ranging from -/30/- to -/120/120.

Modern Production Facilities

We develop and manufacture products in our own factories in Melbourne, Jonova and Los Angeles. This means that it is not far from the conceptualization stage to development and production of new solutions. Development of fire construction systems requires thorough knowledge of materials and their impacts to fire.

Our own testing facility performs pre-testing procedures before sending our products for actual testing at an independent fire test institute.

Our Systems

We provide high quality Australian made fire rated glass windows, doors and wall systems which utilises our exclusive aluminium framing.

Fire Rated Glass Partition

Aluminium framed glass wall system with an FRL up to -/120/120 ideal for use in fire stairs and egress pathways