Glass Partition

Aluflam glass partitions are high performance, thermally broken narrow aluminium frames with its cavity filled with patented fire retardant cooling core.

Incorporating extensively tested fire resistant glazing, the door system can be used internally or externally in fire ratings up to 120 minutes.

Aluflam glass walls are available in many framing systems and finishes including anodised or powder coated. The walls can be constructed in different
combinations and it is possible to insert panel,
glazed all glass or sliding doors.

  • Clean, sharp lines of narrow stile aluminium
  • Large glass areas
  • Easily integrate AF70 single or double doors
  • Can be install in masonry or plasterboard fire wall
  • Simple installation
  • High impact resistance
  • Interior and exterior installation
  • Fire rating up to -/120/120
  • Manufactured in Australia

Our Glass Partition Systems

We provide high quality Australian made fire rated glass partitions and non-loadbearing walls which utilises our exclusive aluminium framing.